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Oscars Bingo for 2015

Sunday, March 1st, 2015

A little belated, but, worth posting anyways. For the second year in a row, the moderators at the movies subreddit approached us, via our custom bingo cards to help with their Oscars Bingo contest. Over 3 times as many of the cards were claimed this year! This years live contest thread is here. It looks like it worked out for everyone! It’s a fun use of our site – but highly customized – we host a custom mini-site to distribute the custom bursted and logo’d cards to the reddit users.

Oscar’s Bingo for reddit? Yes… we can do that.

Saturday, March 1st, 2014

We had an interesting email the other day from a moderator of the movie subreddit on … er… They wanted some help with their Oscars Bingo game.

Several emails, and a little bit of one-off work using, and we had a system that worked for everyone.

And it’s live now:  official reddit thread. It’s not a typical use of our custom bingo card generator,, but, it is not the first custom job that we have ever done, nor is it likely to be the last.

Another Highly Customized Bingo Card Customer

Monday, November 7th, 2011

A couple weeks ago we delivered a PDF file that combined bingo cards designed with our custom bingo card generator and a very nicely designed background graphic that the customer had designed in-house. The final result turned out even better than we expected. We hope that the event at the university in the US that contracted the job went well.

We do one or two highly customized bingo card designs every year. They’re a nice change of pace, and often, we can re-use a little bit of programming on the live site. This time, we made a small improvement to the font size of column headers that are mixed lengths. That improvement will be pushed to the site in the near future.

If you are reading this, and would like custom bingo cards to suit your own complex requirements, give us a call or email.

Oscars Bingo 2011

Friday, February 25th, 2011

It’s been a while since we’ve demo’d the custom bingo card design feature of on the blog.  So, today, we took the Oscar nominees for best lead actor, lead actress, supporting actor, supporting actress, and best picture and put them into a custom bingo card design.  If you’re hosting an Oscar party, maybe you’d like to have some bingo fun to go with it!

Here’s our design for Oscars 2011 themed bingo cards.

Based on the “Nominees for the 83rd Academy Awards” from the Oscars site:


Finally, the Perceptus Back Story Blog Gets a Personality

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Look above!  The default WordPress blue Kubrick header graphic is gone.

It was finally time to make this blog a little personalized, a little bit custom.  We actually get a couple hundred hits a day on our corporate blog – much to our disbelief.

The new header graphic?  That cute little inukshuk was one of hundreds of impromptu inukshuks built during the best Olympics ever along the south shore of False Creek in Vancouver earlier this year.

Some technical notes:

  • We’re using a child theme of WordPress’s default theme, this way, we should have minimal problems updating the WordPress software in the future. This page was useful:
  • For some reason the image size was wonky – our image is 760×200 pixels, but websites gave different specifications – maybe it depends on the version of WP?
  • We stole the curved border from the Kubrick header image, then knocked out the middle “blue”, and saved it as a PNG with a transparent middle hole.
  • The inukshuk photo was flipped, cropped, darkened, fuzzed, and generally mishandled using the GIMP image editor.
  • The images were all combined in Inkscape.

If the blog traffic continues to grow, maybe we’ll do some real customizations next year.