About Leonard Chan


I’m Leonard. I’m a life-long Vancouverite and UBC Commerce grad. And now I’m a technical guru for a handful of local small businesses, operator of a few websites, and supplier of some technical stuff.

Surprisingly, somewhere along the way I’ve acquired a unique mix of skills.  On the technical side, I’ve managed everything that a small business uses from Internet access through to custom dynamic reporting and about 100 things in between. I’m a geek with a business background – office people love it when their computer guy can actually understand a balance sheet! And, I am a digital marketing expert to boot. Hint: the secret to print-bingo.com‘s success is NOT in the programming!

Perceptus Solutions Inc. is my company, and, coincidentally, I write its blog.

You’re welcome to visit my personal website, Leonard Chan’s Web World; however, please keep in mind that it was built over a decade ago buy silagra. Actually, the earliest parts of the site are 15 years old! That’s an eternity in Internet time.

Feel free to send me note through Perceptus’ contact form.

Thanks for stopping by.


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