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PSI’s free English to Chinese Dictionary v. 2 is released

Sunday, May 4th, 2008

A couple months ago we released the first minimally useful version of our free Chinese to English dictionary.

Well, after a couple months of use, it was decided to re-do it, this time keeping the full Chinese characters. Now you’ll have a chance of being able to use it to order from a Chinese only menu! Unfortunately, it now requires that a Chinese font be installed also, but you can steal a copy from your desktop.

If the first version was minimally useful, this version is generally OK.

So, get your free copy of our CEDICT based Windows Mobile English to Chinese Dictionary now.

Mother’s Day Bingo Cards

Thursday, May 1st, 2008

The most important day of the year for my Mom is coming soon – Mother’s Day!  This year, May 11th, is the day for flowers, phone calls, and brunch for Mom’s in Canada and many other countries.

To celebrate, we’ve just created our custom bingo card design for Mother’s Day themed bingo boards.

So, print your own custom Mother’s Day Bingo Cards at  Be sure to customize them with your name, your Mom’s name, and your Mom’s Mom’s name…  because, you can at!

Entry level access is free!

Hi Mom!

(I don’t think she reads this blog… but that’s OK.)