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Serialized Bingo Cards!

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

The best web based bingo card generator on the web is a bit better today.  We launched yet another feature to, custom bingo cards with serial numbers!

We’re pretty sure this feature does not exist on any other web based bingo card generators.  We don’t follow the feature set of our “download and install” competitors, so we can’t say if serial numbers are available at all in that segment of the custom bingo card software market either.

Anyway, to the theory:  One of the weaknesses of printing your own bingo cards is the potential for anyone to visit to generate unofficial cards to your friendly game.  Before today, our only suggestions for better security were to use special paper or letterhead that would be difficult to copy without prior notice.

To see what we’ve done now, view a sample of our new serialized bingo cards that use our buzzword bingo template and our newish 1 card per page format.  You’ll notice that we not only provide a sequential serial number that is tracked with our user accounts, but we also add a random string component.  Of course, serial numbers aren’t any use if you have no way of knowing if they’re proper numbers, so we add a master list at the end of the document.  See page 6 of the sample PDF in the previous link.

There are a few good uses for the new serial numbered bingo boards.  The sequential number is generally useful for organizing purposes.  The random section is useful for security and uniqueness.

As a reminder, we explicitly forbid the use of for illegal gaming purposes in our Terms of Service.   If you choose to use our site, you take full responsibility.

Anyway, have at it, at