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iPhone Camera Stopped Working… so it’s not a perfect phone afterall.

Monday, January 30th, 2012

It took 6 months, but I have finally had what I would consider a non-minor problem with my iPhone 4. The camera stopped saving photos. It would focus, snap the photo, but crash before it actually saved.


It’s surprising how often I use the camera on the phone.

I found this blog post about deleting the thumbnail cache on an iPhone, and it seems to have worked. Also, it links to a neat program to browse the files on your phone. It took a couple restarts of the phone to rebuild the thumbnails, and then the Albums in the Photos app. Perhaps it would have only taken one restart if I had been more patient on the first boot.

I guess it’s time I back up those photos again.

T4 Summary Filed! Earlier than ever before.

Friday, January 20th, 2012

Perceptus is ahead of the game this year, and we’ve filed our T4 and T4 Summary for 2011 in January of 2012.

We don’t have many employees, so we use the CRA’s web forms. I have to admit, the CRA T4 Web Forms get better every year.  A couple years ago, the web generated T4’s looked… odd. They were very different from the traditional T4 layout, so we didn’t use those. Last year, that was fixed. This year, there are some nice little improvements here and there.

For some reason, you have to fill in box 26 this year, Box 26, “CPP/QPP Pensionable Earnings”.  In our case, we just have to enter the same value from Box 14, “Employment Income”.

Anyway, this is a reminder to other Canadian micro-businesses. It’s time to do the T4’s.

Oh, and happy Chinese New Year.

Save USD and CAD currency exchange fees in TD Waterhouse RRSP Accounts

Friday, January 13th, 2012

Happy New Year!

This is only indirectly related to Perceptus Solutions Inc., but it is relevant to one of our pet peeves, currency exchange costs for a Canadian. Perceptus is in an awkward situation, because of our web site revenues, and our web advertising, a lot of our revenues and expenses are in US funds. And every time that an exchange happens, we lose, and banks or other financial companies win.

Recently, when logged into my personal TD Waterhouse account, I saw one of those little internal banner ads that mentioned that they have an automatic US Sweeps Service to minimize currency exchange costs in your RRSP account. All it took was a quick call to the TD Waterhouse 1-800 number, to enroll. The folks on the phone refer to this as their “TD Waterhouse Automatic FX Wash Service”. This service will take your US dollars from USD stock sales and put them into a US Money Market fund. Later, when you need USD, it will automatically take USD from the MM fund, before taking any remaining amount from your CAD balance.

Let’s do some math. I’m not sure what the rate TD Waterhouse charges, but most institutions that I’ve used charge at least 1% over the exchange rate as a fee for doing a currency exchange. If you convert $1000 a year in your RRSP every year for 10 years, that’s $10,000 converted. The exchange fees of that, at 1%, would be $100. If you were a more active user, for a longer period of time… say, $10,000 a year in sales of USD stock, and you did this for 30 years, you would save $3,000 (plus compounding).

Start the new year off right and save a few bucks on your financial services. I have no idea which RRSP providers have similar features.