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How to Transfer Ownership/Management of a Google Plus (Google+) Page

Sunday, January 12th, 2014

Here’s a hint for every group and business: I highly recommend having a Google+ Page for your organization – even us at Perceptus will be setting one up sooner or later. Why? Because, I highly suspect that having a Google+ Page will influence your Google search ranking.

I recently helped test the transferring of ownership and management of a Google Plus Page – mostly as a favour to someone I know who needs to make one for her club Toastmasters of Today (Vancouver). If you are creating a Google+ Page for your business or club, it is possible to transfer the ownership of a Google Plus page and to have multiple managers, which is useful for when those pesky personnel changes come up!

Here’s the gist of how ownership and management of a Google+ Page is handled:

  • The first person to create the Google Plus Page automatically becomes the owner.
  • There is only 1 owner of a Google+ Page, but the owner can add multiple managers.
  • There are 2 types of managers: managers and communications managers. The owner and managers have different permissions.
  • The owner can transfer ownership to a manager – BUT that manager must have been a manager for at least 2 weeks (I assume this is to prevent theft of control of a page by giving managers a few days to discover and remove false new manager additions). Then the initial owner automatically gets demoted to a manager. This means that if your organization is preparing for a pesky personnel change, make sure to plan the Google+ Page ownership change at least 2 weeks in advance! :)


On another Google+ topic, what search term are you supposed to use to search for a Google+ Page? “Google+”? “Google Plus”? I’ve randomly used both terms throughout this post. How ironic that Google picked a name that’s so confusing to search. Ugh. Never mind the fact that “+” is frequently used in that silly thing called math? has been pinned?

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

I was browsing Pinterest at a client’s office recently (it’s a fashion retailer, Pinterest might be important soon, so it was work related), and discovered that yes, people actually use Pinterest. They have pinned several of the photos from the clients web properties, such as the corporate page and it’s sister site, the blog.

And, apparently, some have pinned my own favorite blog topic,  It’s kind of neat. Personally, I reserve the word “awesome” for truly spectacular things… I can only hope that the people who used the word in their pin comment are equally choosy. Pins on Pinterest


You can see the current pins on pinterest. If you like our custom bingo card generator,, please pin us too. Or like us on Facebook. These words… they’re loosing all meaning… let’s hope the next social media phenomenon isn’t called “bonk” or “nuke” or “punch”.

BTW: We passed 1K likes recently! Actually, we’re at 1.1K right now.