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Introducing’s Custom Bingo Ware Store!

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

You’ve used software to throw your own Bingo bashes – now dress the part!’s Custom Bingo Ware online store carries t-shirts, mugs and even dog tees.


This “I Heart Bingo” t-shirt is classic.


This “Hands off my dauber” dog tee proves that Bingo players have a great sense of humor.


This “Bingo > Stocks” t-shirt shows off your timely, cerebral humor.  Who would argue that playing Bingo is the better investment bet these days?

More designs are posted on the online store and more will be coming!  Visit often!

Easter Themed Bingo Cards – 2009

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

Lent is already upon us, so we invite you to visit if you need a quick way to generate Easter Themed Bingo Cards.

Our Easter word list is only a starting point for your custom bingo card design. You are encouraged to add or subtract words in the design to get the bingo sheets that are perfect for your needs.

Basic use of our bingo card generator is free! Those who want every bingo design feature that we have available can upgrade for only $10.  Plus, as of a few days ago, you can now generate 1000 pages of cards at a time – it used to be 200!

St. Patrick’s Day Bingo Cards – 2009

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

We’re a few weeks out from St. Patrick’s Day, 2009!  To celebrate the day when everyone wants to be Irish, we suggest that you use our St. Patrick’s day themed bingo cards template.  It’s fun and simple.  And best of all, in 5 minutes or less you can customize them to suit your special event.

As always, printing a few cards for your small get together using is free.  We do reserve a few extra features of our excellent bingo card generating site for those who choose to upgrade for only $10!