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Halloween Bingo Cards

Monday, October 20th, 2008

Trick or treat!

Here’s a treat for kids from Perceptus Solutions Inc., and our website, Teachers, and parents are invited to create free Halloween themed bingo cards using our template word list for All Hallows’ Eve.

Just like every other word list at, you are in control.  You can customize your bingo cards to your heart’s delight.

Plus, for a small upgrade cost of $10, you can get even more features.  But even our free service is great for most users.

The easiest way to convert FLAC to MP3

Monday, October 20th, 2008

Sometimes the things that should be stupidly easy… aren’t. Converting a bunch of audio files at once, is one of those things.

My previous method of converting FLAC files (those are lossless, i.e. exactly like the CD, sound files that some people use to rip tracks from CD’s) to MP3’s (those famous files that work on your cellphone, mp3 player, dvd player, and just about everywhere else) involved Winamp, a plug-in, and a lot of file renaming.  It wasn’t a system I could recommend to others.

Today, I found the need to make a few MP3’s.  So, I searched for a “better way”.  Here’s my FLAC to MP3 recipe:

  • Install foobar2000.  It’s a free media player from  It appears to be safe to use, but YMMV.
  • To create MP3’s you will need to find a (Windows) binary copy of LAME, the open source MP3 encoder.  Google for it.
  • Load your files in foobar2000.
  • You might want to set your default file naming and file quality preferences. Or do that after the next step.
  • Right-click to bring up a context menu that brings up a “convert” option – how thoughtful.
  • Answer a couple easy questions about finding lame.exe and the destination folder.
  • And let it go.

So far so good.  This setup should be good for converting WAV and many other audio files too.

Thanksgiving Bingo Cards!

Friday, October 10th, 2008

We’ve been quite busy at Perceptus, and our poor blog has been ignored lately.  So, we’ll push out a quick post today.

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

If you feel like celebrating with family by playing some themed Thanksgiving Day Bingo, visit our bingo card generating site, and print yourself some cards.  But be warned, that list is based on American Thanksgiving, you will need to edit the list a bit to make it truly Canadian – shame on us for not doing it for you, but we’ve just been too busy, sorry.

Also, for our American neighbours: Happy Columbus Day!  No, we don’t have a Columbus Day Bingo theme made this year.  You can create your own, and if you do, please send us a copy, we’ll glady share it and give you credit.

As always, basic use of is free.  But you’ll get more out of the site with a small $10 upgrade.