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Fathers’ Day Bingo Cards

Friday, June 5th, 2009

Fathers’ Day is just around the corner.  This year, for many people, including the USA and Canada, it falls on June 21st, 2009.

If you’re looking for a unique way to provide some entertainment for the evening, how about a quick fun game of Bingo?

Visit, the best web based bingo card generator on the planet  (yeah, we’re getting a little proud), and customize our word list for Fathers’ Day Bingo Cards for your Fathers’ Day BBQ.  Toss in your name, and your Dad’s name… and even Mom’s name to make your bingo came truly unique.

As always, printing a few cards from our site is free.  However, you can upgrade for $10 to get access to extra features such as printing 1000 pages of cards at a time.

A new blog we’re hosting: “You’re not sushi – you’re Chicken!”

Monday, July 21st, 2008

Perceptus hosts a few sites for friends, family, and other non-commercial purposes.

We added a new one a few days ago for Leonard, his sister, and a couple of their cousins. This crazy subset of the Chan Clan is up to no good again.*

They are building a giant roast chicken on wheels and it’ll be screaming down the first Red Bull Soapbox Race in Canada, this September 7, 2008 in Vancouver.

So, check out the You’re not sushi – you’re Chicken! in Red Bull Soapbox Vancouver 2008 blog.

* They were part of the Red Bull Flugtag Vancouver 2006, with the amazingly large and beautiful craft, The Wild Sushi – this blog is also hosted by Perceptus Solutions Inc.

Mother’s Day Bingo Cards

Thursday, May 1st, 2008

The most important day of the year for my Mom is coming soon – Mother’s Day!  This year, May 11th, is the day for flowers, phone calls, and brunch for Mom’s in Canada and many other countries.

To celebrate, we’ve just created our custom bingo card design for Mother’s Day themed bingo boards.

So, print your own custom Mother’s Day Bingo Cards at  Be sure to customize them with your name, your Mom’s name, and your Mom’s Mom’s name…  because, you can at!

Entry level access is free!

Hi Mom!

(I don’t think she reads this blog… but that’s OK.)