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Sample Bingo Card Screenshots (actually “PDF-Shots”)

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

Another long-overdue update to our bingo card generating site, sample images.

We’ve always believed that since it takes less than a minute to generate bingo cards from our template word lists that there was no need  to have sample images.  Well, that, plus we were always a bit short on time.

Well, we now have a few sample bingo card images up – we’ll be adding more soon.  Now, visitors to our site can see in seconds the great bingo cards that can be printed using in a few seconds!

How’s that for progress?

Blank Bingo Cards and Easier Sharing

Saturday, February 16th, 2008

A few new little features for today.

First, we’ve shortened the “email design” web addresses, and made them easier to use in blogs and forum posts.  This saves a few steps for our users share their bingo card designs on blogs, forums, and websites.

We know a lot of great bingo designs have been made with our site, and hopefully we’ve made it easier to share that great work.

We used that new feature to create a couple custom bingo designs that clean up a few small features that have been requested in the past:

  •  Blank bingo cards we just tricked our generator with spaces to let users create blank cards for class exercises.
  • Customizable numeric bingo cards are regular numbered cards with slight changes, e.g. changing the free cell text or the column headers.  This of course users were able to do on their own, but this link saves them a few minutes.

That’s it for today.

Have a good one!