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Chinese New Year Bingo cards – in Chinese (sort of)

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

Chinese New Year (and Lunar New Year, for some other countries) is on February 7th in 2008.

To celebrate, has the following templates for you to use:

  1. Our Chinese / Lunar New Year bingo cards word list has been available for years.
  2. This is a great time to demonstrate the new Unicode multilingual abilities of with our new Chinese Bingo Cards Example.  It’s made up of 30 of the most common Chinese characters.  You must select the unicode font before generating the cards best online casino.  I’ve just noticed that a few glyphs come up as “missing” rectangles — I’ll have to look into why that’s happening.

Enjoy.  As always, basic use of is free, and your feedback is welcome.

One bingo board per page…

Monday, January 28th, 2008

In the latest in a series of upgrades to the best web based bingo board printing website on the web,, we’ve added a one card per page option.

It’s funny how the website developed. It all started when I needed to “run” the after dinner bingo entertainment at a small fund raising event (the bingo was free, the dinner tickets raised the funds). For that, I needed basic numeric cards in an economical four bingo boards per page – the measurements have never changed since that original bit of code.

Later, when the site got modestly popular, we added the custom word list feature. Since longer phrases take more space, the larger 2 bingo cards per page option was born.

Now, the arguably long overdue one bingo card per page option has finally been added.

It’s a bit different from the other sizes. I’ve had users suggest using exactly square cells (which we’ve done), and to leave some space for their custom instructions or company letterhead (which we’ve also done).

For now, users wanting to do fancy letterhead or instructions will have to run their cards through the printer twice – I guess there’ll always something on the to-do list.

An outsider might think that the card sizes were added in the exact wrong order, but, as is often the case, there’s a story behind the situation.

Super Bowl Bingo

Saturday, January 19th, 2008

Super Bowl XLII is on Feb. 3rd, 2008.

Our template bingo word list for Super Bowl bingo cards is probably one of the first we ever put together. You’ll find the list on All you need to do to create your free printable cards is click submit a couple times and our custom PDF for you will appear.

As always, you can customize the cards so that you have exactly the terms you want.

The word list is not specific to 2008, so you might want to insert a few extra terms like “New England Patriots”, “XLII”, “Arizona”, or “Giants”.

So, go build your customized Bowl bingo boards starting from our list on

PS: We’ve added some new code to the site – the new ‘autofit’ option will shrink the text of long terms so that they will fit into the cells nicely.

Update 2009-01-11: updated the links.

Full Unicode Support at

Friday, January 11th, 2008

After much work and delays, now supports unicode. Back in the day, people only worried about the 26 letters and 10 numbers… not so anymore. Thanks to Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and many other languages, we have a lot more letters/glyphs/symbols to display.

We’re still working out some of the kinks, but once we do, we’ll generate some template designs to show off our new international language support.

So, try out the new and improved custom bingo card generator with international language support!

American Political Bingo Cards

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

Perceptus Solutions Inc. and it’s employees are Canadian; however, we still see plenty of media coverage of the Primary elections that are currently occurring in the USA, our neighbour to the south.

We decided to throw together a word list template for American Political Bingo Cards.

As always, printing a few bingo sheets through is free.

Just as importantly, you can easily customize the cards to fit your needs. We suggest adding some terms specific to your State, or the 2008 Election Primaries (e.g. candidate names, best slot machines to play), or items specific to the current place in the process (e.g. Super Tuesday).

So, go see’s American Political Bingo Card Word List now.

Update: post updated to reflect changed link format on our bingo card generating site.