Super Bowl Bingo

Super Bowl XLII is on Feb. 3rd, 2008.

Our template bingo word list for Super Bowl bingo cards is probably one of the first we ever put together. You’ll find the list on All you need to do to create your free printable cards is click submit a couple times and our custom PDF for you will appear.

As always, you can customize the cards so that you have exactly the terms you want.

The word list is not specific to 2008, so you might want to insert a few extra terms like “New England Patriots”, “XLII”, “Arizona”, or “Giants”.

So, go build your customized Bowl bingo boards starting from our list on

PS: We’ve added some new code to the site – the new ‘autofit’ option will shrink the text of long terms so that they will fit into the cells nicely.

Update 2009-01-11: updated the links.

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