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Chinese New Year Bingo cards – in Chinese (sort of)

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

Chinese New Year (and Lunar New Year, for some other countries) is on February 7th in 2008.

To celebrate, has the following templates for you to use:

  1. Our Chinese / Lunar New Year bingo cards word list has been available for years.
  2. This is a great time to demonstrate the new Unicode multilingual abilities of with our new Chinese Bingo Cards Example.  It’s made up of 30 of the most common Chinese characters.  You must select the unicode font before generating the cards best online casino.  I’ve just noticed that a few glyphs come up as “missing” rectangles — I’ll have to look into why that’s happening.

Enjoy.  As always, basic use of is free, and your feedback is welcome.

Full Unicode Support at

Friday, January 11th, 2008

After much work and delays, now supports unicode. Back in the day, people only worried about the 26 letters and 10 numbers… not so anymore. Thanks to Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and many other languages, we have a lot more letters/glyphs/symbols to display.

We’re still working out some of the kinks, but once we do, we’ll generate some template designs to show off our new international language support.

So, try out the new and improved custom bingo card generator with international language support!