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Bingo for School

Monday, August 16th, 2010

It’s easy for us at Perceptus to know when school is back in session in North America. Traffic doubles from the lazy lull of summer at!

So, here’s our annual suggestion for teachers around America and everywhere else, try our back to school bingo template – it’s our word list of school related terms. Or, you might want to try our Ice Breaker bingo template – it’s a great way for your students to meet each other.

Basic use of is free. A cheap upgrade of $10 will get you a bunch more features! Works with Google Chrome Web Browser (again)

Monday, July 5th, 2010

Today we updated’s programming.

The biggest fix, is that our site now works properly in current versions of Google Chrome. Our web based system for generating highly printable bingo cards is great… but once in a while we run into compatibility issues. For now, it’s fixed. We’ve tested in current Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari web browsers. Ironically, part of the programming fix was related to a compatibility tweak for Mozilla browser from years back. Mozilla users, if you actually still exist, you will need to use a different browser to use now.

At the same time, we made live a feature that we wrote for a custom bingo job a few months back. All bingo cards within a single run are now guaranteed to be unique. Previously, it was entirely random if a card was duplicated in a run – but it was highly, highly, unlikely. In fact, we programmed an email notification if the dupe-tester actually catches a dupe.

We had to hard-code a duplicate entry to actually make sure the dupe tester and the email notifier worked. The odds of duplicate cards that are randomly generated is extremely low – you can’t generalize exact odds, since every custom bingo card design is different.

The site has probably generated 1,000 card runs since the new code went live… and we haven’t been notified of a duplicate card yet. If we ever catch a dupe, we’ll be sure to post about it.

More code changes are on the way. It’s summer, traffic to is lower than normal.

Summer Bingo

Monday, May 24th, 2010

School will be out for the summer soon, it already is, in some jurisdictions. It’s time to remind readers of this blog that you can create end of school, Summer Break bingo cards with our template word list, at To generate easily customizable bingo cards, browse to our summer bingo word list. Make the list your own by adding or removing words to fit your exact needs. Have fun!

Interesting note of the day: A lot of people generate custom bingo cards for season and series finales! A quick browsing of the shared word lists revealed many Lost word lists. And, as I type this, many people are playing 24 Bingo. Nifty.

As always, basic use of the site is free. A $10 upgrade will get you a lot of extra features.

Customizable Back to School Bingo Cards for 2009!

Friday, July 24th, 2009

It’s always caught me off guard… it’s already back to school time for some parts of North America.

So, for those whose summer break is already coming to an end, here’s a reminder of’s template bingo design for Back to School Bingo.  It’s a great way to help ease kids back into the learning state of mind.  So, if you have a class of restless students, try our Back to School Bingo Cards.

You can customize our designs through your web browser, so you can do some prep work from home and finish it off at work.  It’s super flexible.

As always, printing a few cards is free at  Of course, we’re also happy if you decide to upgrade to Premium access for $10 to get the rest of our great bingo card printing features.

School Summer Break Bingo

Sunday, May 24th, 2009

The school summer break is just around the corner – already!?

Our template word list for customizable bingo cards for the end of the school year is ready and waiting for you.  So, create and customize your bingo cards, by visiting and opening our template word list for the School Summer Break Bingo game.

As always, the basic use of the site is free.  You can upgrade for a few more features for only $10.

Have fun in the sun!