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A Web Based Adding Machine

Monday, December 13th, 2010

We have Perceptus’ Web Tools at the top of mind lately.  We’ve created another new tool, our minimal web based adding machine.

Have you ever had a half-hazardly formatted list of numbers to add up (maybe from an email?) and you didn’t want to do this:

  • open up Excel (or other spreadsheet program)
  • create a new file
  • paste the values
  • tidy them up so that they are  recognized  as numbers
  • create the SUM() function

Well, we have, and now we have created a tool to save us, and hopefully you, some time.

Visit our new web based adding machine tool and try pasting in a set of numbers like this:

8 000

And be impressed when you get results like this:

Add Running Total
+0 0
+10 10
-7.8 2.2
+8000 8002.2
-92 7910.2
+30.1 7940.3

Impressed?  Did you notice that it handles negative numbers in (brackets) magically?  Or how about that awkward space in “8 000”?  We’re pretty proud of ourselves – even if you’re not impressed.

Comments and feedback is always appreciated!