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Create a single line of text from a table for logging

Monday, June 15th, 2009

Have you ever wanted to copy a chunk of text from a web page for logging in an Excel spreadsheet and have been supremely annoyed by the formatting and spacing and all manner of other things that make it untidy and tedious?

Well, we did.  So, a couple months ago, we added a new text mangling tool to our simple web tools page, we introduce, The Simplify to a single string – granted, we don’t have the prettiest names for our web tools.

It was originally designed to online transaction details from a bank web page that includes a small table, and turn it into a single string that we save in Excel for logging purposes.  It’s turned out to be useful for mangling all sorts of web snippets to make them Excel, Word, and even email friendly.

We strip all formatting, remove extra spaces, and modify table cells and line breaks by replacing the breaks with dashes (“-“).

It’s useful to us, and hopefully to you!  Enjoy.

Avoiding WHOIS Searches

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

Domain Name front-running is in the news on Slashdot again. This is the sneaky concept where bad domain name resellers and domain parking sites snoop on end-users as they look for the right domain name for their legitimate website.

E.g. if years ago I happened to use a bad DNS registrar to test if was taken, and I didn’t register it right away, the shady DNS registrar would register it for themselves and then try to resell it to me at a premium – what’s worse is that currently they don’t even pay a dime as long as they cancel the registration within 4 days (or something).

So, we at Perceptus Solutions Inc., wrote a tool to try and avoid part of the risk, the “WHOIS” search.  Our web based tool is not bullet-proof. You can get false negatives. Plus, in theory, the DNS lookup can be snooped as well.

Nevertheless, for over a year, our Dig some domain names tool has been hosted on our random dumping ground called We didn’t have a blog back then, so there was no where good to mention it. Today we have this blog, online video poker for money, so we’re posting it now.

Our tool avoids the WHOIS lookup.  I also suspect the DNS server used on our VPS is less likely to be snooped since it’s not primarily used by Joe-Six-Pack — If I was buying domain lookup data, I’d prefer the higher volume, more “real” data that big ISPs like Comcast, Verizon, or Rogers would have to offer.

So, there you go.  It’s free to use, and we don’t expect enough traffic for it to be worth snooping ourselves.  But you’ll have to take our word on that.