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Open .pages file for Printing from Windows

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

A little while ago someone asked me for help in viewing and printing a .pages file that they had received by email.  In this case, there was no intention of editing the document, she really just needed to print it.

Here’s the deal:

– A .pages file is produced by one of the applications in Apple’s iWorks office productivity suite.
– A .pages file is actually a zip file with a few files in it.
– If you rename the file from .pages to .zip, then open the zip you will see some files and folders.
– Inside one of the folders you will find a PDF file preview (and JPEG)
– View and print this PDF.

And you’re done!

Sure, sometimes you need to edit the file, the right way to do this would be to get the sender to export the file from Apple iWorks to a format that a Windows user would be able to use, such as Rich Text Format (.rtf) or Microsoft Word (.doc).

Get used to receiving these files, Apple computers are everywhere…

Free Upgrade for Users!

Monday, March 9th, 2009

So, how’s this for customer service? A free upgrade to all of our users!

Prior to about 4 hours ago, our great customers who have upgraded to Premium Access to our web based bingo card generator, were able to generate 200 pages of bingo cards at a time.  Now, both past and future customers can generate a thousand pages of bingo cards at once!

When our site first launched, we imagined that most users would be smaller personal parties, or classroom situations.  Surprisingly, there are a lot of people out there who need thousands of custom bingo cards… so now doing that is 5 times fewer clicks.

This is all possible due to lots of behind the scenes tweaks and upgrades that have happened over the years.

Anyways, enjoy!