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Disable CTRL+Q in Firefox

Monday, January 19th, 2009

Tired of accidentally closing Firefox with Ctrl+Q when all you wanted to do was close one tab with Ctrl+W?

I sure was.  Maybe I’m just an inaccurate typist.

I finally got around to disabling that key combination in FF3 a week or two ago.  It seems to be working, so I’ve decided to share a bit.

I used the “keyconfig 20080929” addon.  You can find it on this thread here:

This addon adds a “Keyconfig” menu item under the Tools menu. Scroll down about 8 items and find “Close Window”.  Remap it to something that you’re not likely to use by accident.  I used Ctrl+Shift+W (for some reason, I couldn’t enter Ctrl+Shift+Q).

Anyway, use at your own risk.