Thanksgiving Bingo Cards!

We’ve been quite busy at Perceptus, and our poor blog has been ignored lately.  So, we’ll push out a quick post today.

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

If you feel like celebrating with family by playing some themed Thanksgiving Day Bingo, visit our bingo card generating site, and print yourself some cards.  But be warned, that list is based on American Thanksgiving, you will need to edit the list a bit to make it truly Canadian – shame on us for not doing it for you, but we’ve just been too busy, sorry.

Also, for our American neighbours: Happy Columbus Day!  No, we don’t have a Columbus Day Bingo theme made this year.  You can create your own, and if you do, please send us a copy, we’ll glady share it and give you credit.

As always, basic use of is free.  But you’ll get more out of the site with a small $10 upgrade.

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