Show GPS coordinates on Google Map

It is possible to get Google Maps to center upon a set of coordinates, such as those from a handheld GPS receiver.

The syntax is actually quite simple:

Search for latitude + longitude.  E.g. “22.4627+112.9176” will take you to a particular “little” town in China.

Or in URL format:

Update, 2013-12: In the iOS Google Maps App, you can search for an address in the form of 22.4627,112.9176 and the App will find the right location. This is useful for cutting and pasting from your phone’s contact notes. Though, having typed this, I wonder if you can put coordinates in the regular address field…

Or if you want a web page to enter numbers into, this one works pretty well:

I tried that site above first, but I needed the “full” google version so that I could get custom links and other features, so I needed to get it straight from
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5 Responses to “Show GPS coordinates on Google Map”

  1. Douglas Cameron Says:

    I would dearly like to know the GPS numbers for a community called Linkletter, Prince Edward Island, Canada – please

  2. dany Says:

    You can use this online tool:
    here you obtain the latitude & longitude coordinates, simply by clicking on the interactive google map

  3. Lance Says:

    Thank you for the information relative to GPS and Google Maps : )

  4. Ruben Says:

    The simplest way to find the gps coordinates in several geocoding formats,

  5. Robert Cavender Says:

    I have a serious problem. A neighbor has put an injunction againt me for stalking. She is elderly and quite dillusional. I have to go to court on 4/3/13 and would like to possibly print out some type of map or list that shows the gps cordinates of where my phone has been for the last 15 days. Is this possible?

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