Clean Up a Column of Mixed Date Formats Tool

A few times a year, a client of our will need our help in cleaning up a manually populated Excel file that has a couple of date columns. Invariably, there is a hodge-podge of date entries, such as 2010-10-05;  june 10, 2010; or 8/4/2008.  We’ve finally made a tool to fix up the bulk of this so that Excel will detect it properly as a date value.

Perceptus introduces the  Clean and convert a column of dates in Excel Numbers Wizard, on the Perceptus Web Tools mini-site.

We hope this tool saves some people besides ourselves some time.


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2 Responses to “Clean Up a Column of Mixed Date Formats Tool”

  1. Steven Says:


    your form works as a charm, that is what I am after. Could you please send me the code in VBA format?



  2. Asif Hussain Says:

    Hi, The tool works brilliantly :) !!!

    Only if I could use it like a MACRO…

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