Free Computer Burn-In Software

I thought that free burn-in software would be easier to find.

Every now and then I cobble a computer together from parts, or I have to diagnose a PC that is crashing from time to time.  Unfortunately, even though a PC can boot, it doesn’t mean that it’s stable and ready to go. The tool for this job is burn-in software.

I used to use the free-as-in-beer version of SiSoft Sandra, but over the years it has gotten rather bloated.  Anyway, SiSoft Sandra is more geared towards benchmarking a computer rather than stress testing.

Today, I found a great little tool that seems to do a good-enough job of testing the CPU and RAM – it also puts a modest amount of load on the hard drive.

The free tool that I am currently recommending: CPU Stability Test by Jouni Vuorio. It seems to run fine in all current versions of Microsoft Windows.


It’s a bit old, circa 2000, and I can’t find a current website for it… but it works.  There are several “high-quality”, i.e. non-spammy, websites that host CPU Stability Test. Just Google for it if the link above goes stale.

There is still room to find a better free utility, but for now I’m satisfied.  But, if you have other suggestions for free burn-in testing software, please leave a comment!

Update: A free utility for testing memory (i.e. looking for bad memory sticks) that runs inside Windows – If you’ve got the ability to reboot the machine, then use Memtest86.

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4 Responses to “Free Computer Burn-In Software”

  1. LC Says:

    Slashdot had a thread about testing software today, some things here to try next time:

  2. Leonard Says:

    And another one I found today –

  3. fepvillarba Says:

    i really need to find ways to solve crashing problem of my hp nc 6000

  4. BigDaveyB Says:

    Fepvillarba: If you have a HP 6000 laptop, there is a known problem with the GPU heating up due to a design flaw where HP decided to place foam between the GPU’s heatsink and the chip.

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