How to Transfer Ownership/Management of a Google Plus (Google+) Page

Here’s a hint for every group and business: I highly recommend having a Google+ Page for your organization – even us at Perceptus will be setting one up sooner or later. Why? Because, I highly suspect that having a Google+ Page will influence your Google search ranking.

I recently helped test the transferring of ownership and management of a Google Plus Page – mostly as a favour to someone I know who needs to make one for her club Toastmasters of Today (Vancouver). If you are creating a Google+ Page for your business or club, it is possible to transfer the ownership of a Google Plus page and to have multiple managers, which is useful for when those pesky personnel changes come up!

Here’s the gist of how ownership and management of a Google+ Page is handled:

  • The first person to create the Google Plus Page automatically becomes the owner.
  • There is only 1 owner of a Google+ Page, but the owner can add multiple managers.
  • There are 2 types of managers: managers and communications managers. The owner and managers have different permissions.
  • The owner can transfer ownership to a manager – BUT that manager must have been a manager for at least 2 weeks (I assume this is to prevent theft of control of a page by giving managers a few days to discover and remove false new manager additions). Then the initial owner automatically gets demoted to a manager. This means that if your organization is preparing for a pesky personnel change, make sure to plan the Google+ Page ownership change at least 2 weeks in advance! :)


On another Google+ topic, what search term are you supposed to use to search for a Google+ Page? “Google+”? “Google Plus”? I’ve randomly used both terms throughout this post. How ironic that Google picked a name that’s so confusing to search. Ugh. Never mind the fact that “+” is frequently used in that silly thing called math?

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