Fido Fail… Where is that email invoice notification?

So, my fears of paperless billing have struck again. My Fido email invoice notification did not come in last week. I only happened to realize this while processing my BC Hydro (hard copy) invoice.

No, it’s not in my SPAM folder, nor is it in my trash. The Fido customer website seems to have had a major update, so I’m betting it is related.

I hope not too many people get burned by this one!

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One Response to “Fido Fail… Where is that email invoice notification?”

  1. Leonard Says:

    Curious coincidence, one day after this blog post and I get my email notification from Fido.

    HOWEVER, the body of the email claims to be from May 22, viewing the source of the email, there is no indication that it was generated or sent until May 27.

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