Harry Potter Bingo Cards

We finally decided to create a Harry Potter word list for our Harry Potter themed Bingo cards for print-bingo.com.  Check it out now!  You can play your customized bingo game while you wait in line to see the movie!

Entry level access to our web based bingo card generator is free!  An upgrade of $10 will get you a few extra features.

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2 Responses to “Harry Potter Bingo Cards”

  1. Mary Says:

    I just subscribed for the upgrade level as I needed to generate 55 cards as the web-site led me to believe without this purchase, I could only print a maximum of 5 pages. It also led me to believe there would be additional features. It appears now that I could have made my custom cards and printed all I needed without the $10 upgrade. I have also discovered that there are no additional features as I can save my customized cards and also print the call-out sheet without an additional purchase. So, what’s the deal – what are the “few extra features” you speak of and why is anyone able to print just as many pages as I am without the upgrade? I’m getting the feeling I’ve been taken. Not that $10 is a lot, but it’s the principle. I’ll be surprised if I even hear back from you and conveniently I can’t find a phone contact. I’d like a refund of my funds!

  2. leonard Says:

    Hello Mary, thank you for the comment, and for using print-bingo.com.

    Our blog isn’t the place for technical support issues regarding print-bingo.com, but I’ll try.

    We are not hiding at all. We have contact information, including email, mailing address, and phone number on the “about” page of print-bingo.com. This is also included in the upgrade notification email that our system sends to you after we receive your Premium upgrade. Further, we have the same contact information on our corporate home page, perceptus.ca. We also have the forums for support issues – the link is prominently listed under the “Samples, Features, Help…” page on print-bingo.com.

    Once you have logged into your Premium access account, the features are unlocked. The website operates virtually the same; however, the extra features that we hold back will now work. The system, (unless you’ve found a loophole that we need to fix!), will not let you print more than 5 pages at a time. Similarly, the call-out sheets feature is only unlocked after upgrading. Non-upgraded accounts will be able to save card designs; however, as documented right on the form, those are temporary, we delete saved designs of non-premium users after 30 days (well, usually longer, but we do eventually clear them); whereas designs saved by Premium users are saved indefinitely.

    If you would still like a refund, you can contact us directly, and not on our blog.


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