Ivy DSL – Internet for Retailers Launched!

Perceptus Solutions Inc. is proud to offer our ADSL service, Ivy DSL, to the public as of today!

We have been providing two retail chains of 8 and 12 stores in BC and Alberta ADSL service in a private beta test for a year. We’re happy with our product, and we’re now ready to take on new clients.

The back story: Perceptus does a lot of IT contracting work for local, Vancouver based, retailers. We realized last year that we could offer retail chains a great deal on basic Internet access. We know your situation well. You need multiple ADSL lines, one for each store, plus your offices, and you deserve to get it at a better price than the incumbents will offer you. And you need someone on the other side of the conversation that understands the complexity of a retail environment.

Our private beta test chains saved 30% and 38% of their monthly ADSL service charges after moving to Ivy DSL. We offer business grade 3MBps ADSL lines with a static IP address for $40 per month ($55 per month for a 6MBps line). Further, their ADSL uptime and service quality is as good or better than before. And they’re happy to deal with a smaller provider. Most of the time you’ll be able to deal directly with me, Leonard Chan, the main guy behind Perceptus Solutions Inc.

So, for the best value in ADSL based Internet access for retail chains, visit IvyDSL.com.

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