My users rarely forget passwords.

The catalyst for the starting of the Perceptus blog was to give me a logical place to post about a series of code updates to that are just around the corner.

It’s been about 2/3 of a year since any major changes have happened to the site, so a few items have made the to-do list.

The first change was a relatively simple one that I expected to need to do a long time ago. User-resettable passwords! Surprisingly, I’ve only received about half a dozen requests for password resets over the last year or two that has existed. This is out of a few hundred registered users to the site.

Apparently, people do not tend to forget their passwords. Or maybe they use really simple passwords to less-important things like their favorite bingo card printing website. Or maybe I’ve got a lot of bank PIN’s or phone numbers being used as passwords. Who knows. I can’t explain it. I know that in my past technical support roles, I have had to reset a much higher percentage of passwords for Windows network logins, especially after vacations.

BTW, no, I never store the plain text passwords, only hashes. Please harass any of your favorite software vendors that still store plain text passwords anywhere.

It’s not that interesting, but here’s my new password reset page for

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